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14 November 2011

It got cold

At least for our standards
Petralona Metro Station

Last year we had a summer that seemed to last for a long time and the real cold of winter with snow in the mountains was delayed until something like February. This year it got cold early. This weekend feels really cold, at least for our standards. While the temperatures aren't that low, there is a lot of wind.

I remember discussing with an old lady in the trolley bus at the end of last year. She said "thank god we have a mild winter, now that people don't have so much money for the heating." Oh, those were the days. Not only was the winter mild, but compared to this winter, people were rich.

This year, according to the "Eleftherotypia" newspaper, in 50% of appartment buildings, they didn't buy any heating fuel. Because the tenants have to agree to buy heating fuel, there is a big problem if some of the tenants don't have the money (for example because they are part of the officially 18.6% unemployed).

If there is no central heating, what are the options? Heat up your place with electricity in some form (air conditioner, electric radiators of various kind - quite expensive in my oppinion), or use oil / kerosene / gas stoves (often really messy and not always very safe). Oh, and apparently wood stoves are in big demand these days, while forrests all over the country get plundered. Newspaper writers were reminded of similar damage done to the forests in the last war.

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