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17 November 2011

Instapaper on eBook reader

Just the text, please
Finding the epub download link on my instapaper page

Yesterday I gave Instapaper another try. I hadn't previously really warmed up to it, but maybe using a different reading device would help? The most relaxed reading device I have is my crummy, cheap eBook reader (Bookeen Cybook Opus). My first try was with using calibre, as described in this post by Justin Pot, basically it's going from instapaper to calibre's "news download" feature, to the ebook reader. It's convenient because of calibre's autosyncing. But then, I don't use that.

Looking at the instapaper "overview" page, I noticed something else though: Instapaper will package your unread articles into an ePub to download. Now that was just what I needed. Now all I need to do is to click on that, then hook up the reader to the computer, and drag-n-drop the epub file over.

Later I gave that epub a test-reading. It's well done, there is an index to jump to the various articles. Almost all of the extra-stuff on the page is cut off, sometimes some links are left over, sometimes the start of the text was repeated at the end of the article (clearly separated though). All in all it worked really well.

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Re: Instapaper on eBook reader

Now, you see: I am a traditionalist and find it really really difficult to not read newspapers as actual paper. On a computer/laptop/ipad/smartphone/e-reader I find it really hard.

I know that eventually I will have to succumb to my unopened Kindle, but for now can I please have it as it is?

Posted by: jason @ corfu villa at November 18,2011 01:16
Re: Instapaper on eBook reader

Jason, instaper isn't so much about reading newspaper articles on a screen, but more about reading long blog posts or other long online texts. Stuff that is already online, but is best read in a less hectic environment. Obviously newspaper articles that are already online are in that category too.

Real newspaper-on-paper articles these days seem to be getting shorter all the time. Last time I was having some good offline time with one paper, I often wondered where the "read more" section was, it looked like there were mostly teasers in the paper.

Posted by: betabug at November 18,2011 10:35
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