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12 December 2011

A short hike at Grammeni Oxia

With the Krystallis mountain club
Above the Grammeni Oxia hut, when the fog cleared

The weekend I was out of town with the Krystallis moutain club. We were at the Grammeni Oxia (Γραμμένη Οξυά) hut in central Greece. We arrived Saturday, with the last bit of light. The road and hut were in fog, we were inside the clouds. Not much chance for photography. I had pondered long to take the Arca with me, but in the end I didn't and it was a good choice. In that weather, there wouldn't have been much to do for it.

The hut keeper had started to warm up the hut and we were warming us up in front of the fireplace. After some time (which we used to eat a "snack"), the rest of the group arrived, we were now 11. Once they were firmly installed in front of the fireplace too, the eating started in earnest. After having had a good dinner and nice evening, I grabbed my sleeping bag and bivouac bag and went outside the hut. I had decided I'd leave the heat of the sleeping quarters behind and test out my old bivouac bag. I slept warm and cozy in the fog. Not a trace of being wet and cold, even in drizzling fog.

On Sunday morning we ventured out to go for the "summit" of Grammeni Oxia. The weather wasn't in our favour at all. There was a thick fog, with lots of winds. Basically we were in the clouds, which were pushed around by a strong wind. Personally I was dressed very appropriately, I wasn't cold at all. After about an hour though, it was clear that going on wasn't any use. Part of our group wasn't very experienced nor well trained and we didn't want to risk any detours due to the fog nor any exhausted people due to the cold. So insted we turned around. In lower areas, the fog had lifted (which is where I took that picture).

We hiked a bit along the rough road leading to the hut, in order to appreciate the forest. I took a few pictures with the Firstflex, on Tri-X black+white film. Then we went back to Athens, having a good lunch all together in a taverna on the way.

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