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20 December 2011

Subway Line 1 Back in Full Service

It tooks some time

Actually I didn't record when the big project of a total overhaul of Line 1 started (the "Ilektrikos" or "Treno" as the Athenians call it, "green line" as the foreigners seem to call it). In July 2009 I posted an image of the Petralona subway station under works, probably because until then, the project hadn't really interfered with my moving about. Now, lots of time and some delays later, the project is finished. Again I'm late in reporting, it was last week on Monday that trains started to roll normally through Omonia station again.

Part of the delay was due to the archeological findings that were expected to be found - and indeed found - near Thision station. There was part of a temple of the 12 gods under the lines. Make that right under the lines, while the train was in part operation it was possible to see the findings quite clearly. A smallish court battle later and the findings were covered and the track again laid over them.

As everybody will tell you, subway line 1 is the oldest line in Athens, 100 or so years old, and for a very long time it was the only line there was. As my flat is very near one of its stations, I can tell you that it's really convenient. Sure it's slower than the new lines (maybe with the rework not that much slower any more), but it sure beats taking the bus.

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