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01 January 2012

2012... Happy New Year! Guet's Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

Seven years old weblog

Happy New Year to everybody! This is my traditional combined New Year's and Blog-Anniversary post. I've had this weblog running for seven years now. While the weblog has settled on a slow pace in the last few years, by the end of this year it picked up a little bit, if not in actual posts, then at least in spirit. Yes, I feel much more like posting stuff on here. I'm no way back to my old rhythm (of about one post per day), but sometimes there are two or days in a row when I post something, yay!

As for the numbers, they went up again a bit. My statistics say I had 293212 page views in 2011, and 183691 visits. That would be an increase from last year (199742 pageviews and 142486 visits). Well, I don't trust that statistic very much, since there are a lot of spam bots and spiders running around causing fake pageviews. I block them wherever I can (and if they had large spam runs sometimes I remove them from the stats), but especially with home PC botnets, there is only so much I can do.

Looking through the posting history of 2011, it started with a lot of posts on photography and hiking. In March I started my imagelog photoblog. Not much traffic on that one, but a project that gives me some satisfaction nonetheless. The blog moved on in its own slow pace for a little while and then ... it (and I) hit on the demonstrations and occupation of Syntagma square. Politics. Up to July the pace quickened a lot, with me writing almost daily posts about my going to Syntagma square and taking part in large demonstrations (and being gassed by the riot police while delivering water and medical supplies to the first aid post).

August was probably the lowest activity month ever on this blog. All of two small posts. September wasn't much more active either. I was at a low point, both in the desire to post things from my life and looking at politics and the fate of this country. October didn't have many more posts, but inside me, things had started to pick up again. In November I announced my new company - which is one of the reasons I picked up blogging again. Working as a freelancer rekindled my interest to post on technical things. A few more posts in that area and maybe the rhythm starts to pick up again.

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