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14 January 2012

On My Reading List

Slow reading here

Here's what I'm reading at the moment:

"Shop Class as Soulcraft", by Matthew B. Crawford. This books makes a lot of valid points about how our work moved away from what we do with our hands and our minds towards some automated, rule based corporate jobs. There are parts of the book that describe real work in a bike repair shop, something which I can personally relate to. Unfortunately large parts of the book are written in academic language, which is not nice to read really. I'll postpone judgment till I've finished it.

"A Winter's Tale", by Mark Helprin. Actually it's been about the third time I've owned this book and maybe the 10th time that I'm reading it. I take it slowly and enjoy the fantastic stuff in this book. Some day I should write a real review, since this book is recommended reading.

"Debt, the first 5000 years", by David Graeber. In fact, I've read the first few pages only so far. I expected much more academic writing than in "Shop Craft", but no, in fact it's very well written. There is no introduction, no three forewords. Instead there is lively language that grips you right ahead. On the other hand, the first few pages already had me deeply depressed... damned, we're in a tough spot.

"The complete Calvin and Hobbes", by Bill Watterson. This is what I read and browse through when I'm tired to look at our society's situation. Now there is some good humor and some deep human thinking to get your spirit up! I don't think you can really "finish" this book. Just keep on opening one of the three volumes to a random page and be amused.

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