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31 January 2012

... at 260km/h through the snowy landscape

Or: Paris to Zurich

I'm sitting in the TGV from Paris to Zurich, thinking about the last few days. On last Thursday I had flown to Paris, where I met Saad at the airport. It was cold in Paris, but it hadn't been that warm in Athens. The first two days in Paris were sunny and therefore slightly warmer. On Friday I went with Saad to a business lunch meetup with all his coworkers, you could call it my first "Paris business meeting" :-). After that and on Saturday I spent some hours walking through the city, having the Firstflex with me, but taking only very few pictures.

On Sunday, we went with Saad's family and some good friends to see the festivities of the chinese new year. I took a very few more pictures, alltogether filling one film (12 pictures). Color film would have been useful for the dragons, but black and white Tri-X is what I had loaded. On Monday I had a business meeting in Paris (in the restaurant "Cul de Poule", recommended) and then some more city slacking time. While on Friday and Saturday "photo walking" was cold, but acceptable, by now it had become a bit too much beyond comfort.

Tuesday morning I boarded the TGV, reading most of the way. In Paris I had bought a replacement for my broken ebook reader (broken screen, due to dropping it). Mostly I cought up on my Instapaper reading list. The feature to drop the instapapered articles into an ePub to read offline is great. For unknown reasons though, for two of the articles it had saved only the title of the article. I haven't seen this before and will have to check how it happened. But no problem, I had enough other stuff to read, while the white landscape zipped away. It's going to be real cold in Switzerland now.

(Note: posted only after finally arriving in the hotel in the evening)

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Re: ... at 260km/h through the snowy landscape

we must have been in Paris about the same time, I was there for Retromobile (yes still Citroën), but before the show opened for the public. Pity your blog does not show the date you post an article, only the time of the day...

Posted by: Andreas Rutishauser at February 16,2012 10:19
Re: ... at 260km/h through the snowy landscape

Hey Andreas! Too bad if I missed you there! And I would have liked a chance to see the Retromobile, I saw only one 2CV and one Diane in all the time I was there.

The date of the post is in the reddish bar above the posts headline.

Posted by: betabug at February 16,2012 10:23
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