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07 February 2012

Switzerland in Snow

Tourist weather
Frozen brook in St.Gallen

So I'm here in Switzerland since last week Tuesday. I've had some great business meetings and events (yay! new customer!), I've seen some really good friends, but above all I've had a huge share of freezing cold and snow, -18c in the mornings, -8c during the daytime.

The first few days it was mostly cold with only a small dusting of snow. The snow in the air was thin seemed mostly to be snow brushed up by the wind. Yesterday it really started to snow though, and this morning thick snow fell, turning the air and everyting on the ground to white. Tourist weather.

In practical terms, what's annoying me is my ever-running nose and all the time spent to get dressed for going outside and get rid of gloves, caps, shawls, coats when coming back in. It could be worse, I'm prepared with good, warm clothes.

Here in Switzerland they have good heating too. Back home in Greece, temperatures have been much more mild, but heating and isolation of houses are not in such a good shape. Not to speak of the many people who do not have the money for heating this winter. This here is an island of the lucky and right now I'm one of them.

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