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15 June 2005

Greek Localization for 10.4 is Available

Greek Mac OS X without selling your soul

As mentioned at HelMUG, GR-X the unofficial, free and working localization of Mac OS X is available for 10.4 too. Download GR-X here for free from MacUpdate.

This is not the Greek localization from the "official" Apple Macintosh reseller in Greece (IMC) Rainbow SA. GRupdate, the patch from Rainbow is out for 10.4 too, but the problems are even worse then they were with Panther. GRUpdate for Tiger is definitely not recommended, even if you can get it (it's only available if you bought your Mac from Rainbow). If you want Greek menus and dialogs, get GR-X, if you only want to read and write Greek, use Cocoa applications and everything just works.

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Re: Greek Localization for 10.4 is Available

Or, you can STILL use carbon apps if you REALLY need them. Just download X-Greek from (, I think) It was recently updated and works great with all non-unicode aware carbon apps (Appleworks, old Word, Ragtime etc.) X-Greek gives you a keyboard called 'Ελληνικά' instead of the unicode 'Greek' that comes with OSX. The only downside is that the flag in the menubar will now have TWO Greek flags and you have to remember that Greek is for newer apps and Ελληνικά is for older apps.

my 0.02 cents.

(Cool Blog, by the way...)

Posted by: Spiros at June 16,2005 10:27
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