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24 March 2012

Hiking to the Ziria Peak

Snowy mountains
View on the way up to the peak

Winter is over down here, but in the mountains there was some snow left last weekend. I was with the alpine club "Cristallis" hiking to the top of the Ζήρεια (Ziria) mountains, on the Peloponnese.

On Saturday we went to the hut, where one group had arrived earlier. As soon as I came in, I started getting busy, as I had promised to do swiss "Chäshörnli" for everybody. (Recipe in Greek) This is a dish of pasta with swiss Emmentaler cheese, served with apple sauce. I had prepared the apple sauce the evening before (and carried it up to the hut, but there wasn't so much of it). Now I cooked the pasta, while the others raffled the cheese and cut the onions.

Then I did the "frying in the pan" thing, preparing the meal for the ten of us. It was a bit of a challenge, as the only usable pan in the hut was a dented aluminium thing. Most of the cheese probably got stuck to the pan, not to the pasta. We had a good evening anyway. Later I went to sleep outside, since I'm not so fond of sleeping in large quarters, while I enjoy sleeping under the stars. In fact I woke up at night some times, gazed at the stars and wondered how I should manage to fall asleep again with such a view.

Next morning we went up to the peak, approximately 700m of height difference (2376m). There was a bit of snow. Since the day before a large group had been to the peak, there were a lot of steps frozen into the snow, which made choosing your steps sometimes a bit complicated. Anyway, we got up there, all the time enjoying a great view all around. The sun was shining, the air was pretty much clear. We got back safe and happy, headed to the traditional taverna and then back to Athens. I sure have seen enough snow this winter, but this weekend was fun.

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