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03 April 2012

A Glimpse into the Matrix

In the shell, where else
A glimpse into the structure of the matrix, right in your shell

The Unix shell is the closest thing we have to working with the very structure of the Matrix surrounding us. It's as close to the bare metal as we can get. (Sure, there are people trying to sell you a debugger for that, but what does their debugger run in? Right, thought so.)

Now the OpenBSD ports tree contains a tool that lets you see the Matrix right in your shell window. It's called cmatrix and you can grab it from packages right away. (If your OS doesn't have it in their package manager, you might get it from the one who made it.)

Obviously it shows the Matrix in its encrypted version. It's up to you to see the world in there or whatever you want. Figure it out and you might become someone important... like an actor.

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