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14 April 2012

Coming to a Networked Naxos

Feels good to be out of the big city
Waiting to go out of the ferry gate

This is it, I'm in Naxos again now. Feels good to be out of the big city for a while. Tuesday/Wednesday the sailor's unions were on strike (with good reason, as the criminal state has stolen their pension funds). Since it's also Easter time here in Greece, for Thursday and Friday no tickets were to be found. So we traveled on Easter Saturday, when most people are already in their villages.

It was a good thing, as the ship was really, really empty. The picture shows all of the people getting off at Naxos. And I'm talking about a big ship, Blue Star Ferries got this new toy, the "Delos", which is a lot bigger than the "Naxos" and "Paros" that we usually traveled on. We had tons of seats to choose from, while the staff told us that the two days before every single seat was taken.

In other news, there is now an ADSL connection in the house we're staying in. After many times being here with a mobile connection, this is incredible. What's more (and I didn't really expect this), it actually works and has good ping times. They have this thing here for vacation houses where you can get a phone line that is active for the summer months, for one month around Easter and one month around Christmas. Well, they added an ADSL option to that, 2Mbit, but that's good enough. It will make working here for me a lot easier.

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