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16 June 2005

Post Roundup

Picking up ends and pieces

Today it's time for rounding up some older posts. There's no news about the Museum for political prisoners/exiles, but some observations about recycling, μουνάρες, the wheather, a solution for TV à l'arabe, and a quiet end to the bot attack. Read on for details...

The Museum for political prisoners on Makronisos and political exiles on Ai Stratis (mentioned in German) is still a mistery: Neither a search on the internet, nor an inquiry by E-Mail to the ministry in charge of museums turned up any information yet. My guess is that the place is a.) under construction and b.) built by a private organization.

Recycling in Athens: The recycling containers seem to be in good use, at least for paper (newspapers). I have spotted some being filled up to the brim and once even an extra pack of old newpapers left outside. The notion of getting recycling going at the street level (not collecting stuff at home and then bringing in a truckload) seems to work.

This post with a story mentioning the Greek word μουνάρες (mounares, loosely translated "bitches", anybody have a better fitting translation?) seems to be a target for happy googling. When entered in the well known search engine, the post comes up at No 2 and the text excerpt suggest some not-so-decent content. But I think those surfers in need of rose entertainment are being disappointed, it's not what they expected, indeed just a nice anecdote from last summer.

The wheather continues to be warm, there are still flowers around. The picture is again from the Pedio tou Ares, last weekend or so. When too lazy to go to the park, there is also the option to watch TV. The problem of TV à'l Arabe, where the onscreen menu was all in the arab language is over: I found the menu by deduction. I thought about which buttons my flatmate's mother would have likely pushed while trying to adjust the volume. Took me only a couple of minutes.

Also over seems to be the Bot Attack: The hundreds and hundreds of accesses to the same blog posts (over and over) have stopped so far. I still have no clue what it was good for or all about. So if you are the one who has a problem with me or my server, why don't you just write me a simple mail and we can talk it over?

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