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17 April 2012

It's Spring

Can't be mistaken, can it?
Naxos in spring, complete with sheep

So, the ADSL works really well here. It's only 2Mbit, but what's more important for my work style, the ping times are good. Also there seems to be no hidden congestion somewhere uplink. Biggest grief is that somewhere in my setup with my wifi repeater upstairs, DNS lookups sometimes take a long time... but only sometimes. Not annoying or often enough to make me track it down.

What else? It's spring here. The island is green. I mean, really green. When we arrived, we got a good gush of heavy rain (I managed to get under cover just in time). Then we had some sunny stretches. This morning it was so warm, it almost felt like summer. There was no wind either, which changed around noon, when the wind started. Now for some hours it's really storming. Windows and shutters slamming, it feels like the wind will tear things off. Well, it has calmed down a bit again the last hour or so, so no worries.

When we arrived, the wonderful bakery in Naxos town was out of bread. We got bread from a "normal" bakery, which got boring real fast. This morning we went to town and got the real thing, what a difference. Combine this with some thick-skinned local oranges and dairy products... I'm happy.

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