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20 April 2012

Stormy Weather

Moving and Shaking
Uprooted tree over path

Tuesday evening there was a major storm here on Naxos. The storm warning was for 7 beaufort with peaks of 8 beaufort. On Wednesday a neighbor told us, that the peaks had been at 11 beaufort. I hadn't slept very well that night. The wind was shoving and banging things around the house all the time. Constantly I was wondering: "Is that just the usual shutter banging against the frame, or has the wind finally pried the window open?" What's even worse for wanting to sleep: the roaring of the wind gets the adrenaline level up, puts me into some kind of primal alertness mode. Not good for getting sweet dreams.

The next morning there was a tree broken and leaning on a power line. There were lots of pieces of wood broken down too. More to the point, look at the picture. This tree has been broken by the storm, ok. But the stump of the root, where the tree used to grow is nowhere near to the place where we found the tree over the footpath. In fact I couldn't spot that tree stump nowhere around. The little tree has been broken off and carried on by the wind, till it got stuck on the relatively protected spot by the path. Impressive.

The next day the wind calmed down, and by now it's still windy, but nowhere near to where it was. The sun is also back out and it feels like spring again.

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