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24 April 2012

First Swim 2012

Too cold really
Little cove on Naxos

It was last Sunday that I had my first swim this year. After many colder days and that storm on last Tuesday, it had gotten a bit warmer. The sun was out and it felt much more like spring, with a tiny little bit of summer. Still, we went to this little cove, where we were protected from the wind on 3 sides. It was beautiful.

Basically I had my first sunbath and a little dip into the water or two. The water was still too cold for my taste. Well, refreshing, if you like. Looking back through the years on this blog, there were some years when my first swim was late in the year, sometimes even in mid-July. A bit like the other extreme, being early this year.

The Lumix had its first bath in the sea as well. It held up well. Some of the pictures look good, but since underwater pictures are in a large part a matter of luck, no comparisons can be made to the Pentax. In any case, I didn't take it into the water for long.

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