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25 May 2012

Back to Bookeen

Got my ebook readers back

The screen on my first ebook reader (Bookeen Cybook Opus) broke a long time ago. Some months ago I also broke the screen on the ebook reader I bought as a replacement (Bookeen Cybook Odyssey). So I calculated about sending them in for a repair. Now this kind of thing isn't covered by the warranty, even though some people complain that these screens break way too easily (not just Bookeen's, but all current ebook readers). The repair isn't cheap, getting them both repaired costed almost as much as buying one new one. In the end I went with the repair because a.) this way I have two readers for the money and b.) I don't like the "throwaway culture" that is all too abundant these days.

I got my readers back this Wednesday. There were some delays in sending out the devices (on my side). Also the confirmation mail that told me where to pay for the repair got stuck in my spam folder (something that hasn't happened for more than a year). I paid for the repair in the online shop on Monday and on Tuesday FedEx was knocking on the door for the first time... impressive.

My first impression was that these readers weren't repaired but replaced. So much for avoiding the "throwaway culture", but fine with me. Especially on the Odyssey, there are some changes to the hardware: There is a different on/off switch and USB connector.

So I'm back to reading on the ebook reader. Of all things, I picked up Moby Dick again. Then I switched to some short stories I had found online, then to some technical manuals. Business as usual on the ebook reader. I'm a bit over cautious with the screen though, but I guess I'll relax soon enough.

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