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25 May 2012

Convert CHM to epub with Open Source Software

Command line information

Speaking of ebooks and technical manuals in my last post: I had some stuff that was in "CHM" format. Now in theory calibre can convert from CHM to epub, but it never worked for me. All I ever got was the contents and maybe the first page. Given a bit of command line use, there was an easy solution for me.

I used chmlib (in my case the OpenBSD chmlib-0.40p0 package) and htmldoc (the htmldoc-1.8.27p6 package). First with extract_chmLib the chm file was converted to a directory full of html files. In the next step I ran htmldoc with the --continuous option to make one big html file out of all the chapters and parts. In this case the parts were named so that they went in proper order, I don't know if that is usually so. I only had to do some minimal cleanup in the html.

This big html file would already have worked in the ebook reader, but I went one step further and converted it with calibre to epub format.

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