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27 May 2012

One Year of Party

Good times in these times

Saturday evening I was at the "one year of" party... at the hackerspace. Besides the good people I know through the hackerspace itself, I met there also Panos and Javier. I haven't been at the hackerspace from day one (as I was busy with other stuff in those times, see previous post), but I still felt entitled to show up for the party!

The evening started with the last two talks of the hackfest 11 that was right before the party. Then it just went over to party mode, which means that small groups of people were having interesting discussions on all kind of technical or non-technical stuff.

One thing that comes to mind right now was the story of the guy who had rigged a chainsaw motor to his bicycle. No, I didn't saw the guy, neither the bike, but someone there described the encounter. The "cutting parts" were removed from the chainsaw.

Then there was the (very tasty) birthday cake, with one electronic candle on top... which was blown out by Pierros.

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