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02 June 2012

Work and work and... Naxos

Island life again

Here I am again in Naxos, arrived yesterday evening with the afternoon boat. The boat was full, but few foreign tourists, Greeks had a 3 day weekend. For once, I didn't much move around on the boat, neither much enjoying the air and the see. Instead I was reading. Now I'm here to work (lot's of coding to do), for which the quiet life here on the island is just the right thing. Again there is also good quality Internet access in the house here... which is on the one hand good for looking up work related stuff, on the other hand it's a distraction.

The other work plan is photography. I have something of a concept what I want to do. Actually that is saying way too much. It's more of a rough aesthetical idea of what kind of picture I'm looking for. It's not like I know exactly what pictures I want to take or where, but I have a bit of a feeling how I want the pictures to look like. Going from that idea I'm now moving around, trying to align my "concept" with what I see. Who knows, it might take me somewhere in the end.

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