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12 June 2012

Eating Out in the Labyrinth

Restaurant Labyrinth on Naxos
Scenery at the restaurant "lavyrinthos" or Labyrinth on Naxos

Whenever I'm on Naxos, I try to eat at this place at least once. This is not typical, traditional Greek cuisine. They do their own recipes mostly, using topical ingredients and with some topical inspiration. What comes out is often amusing and surprising, like the combination of chicken fillet and shrimps (yummy, if you believe me).

I like the salad with green apples and yogurt sauce a lot. What I also tend to order is the risotto (actually more of a rice dish) with mussels, shrimps and ouzo in the sauce. There is a selection of other surprising and creative dishes, and from time to time I have to convince myself to not just order what I know and like, but to try the other stuff too.

The Λαβίρηνθος (lavirinthos) is not on the cheap side. We calculate about 15 - 18 Euros per person, but it's worth it for the food and the atmosphere. In summer you sit outside in the patio of the restaurant. There's no sea view, as the place is in the middle of the small streets of the old town (that's the labyrinth the place is named after). The style of the place makes up for the lack of view though.

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