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19 June 2012

Airplanes now with "integrated literature consoles"

ebook on plane
Bookeen ebook reader on plane

On my flight to Switzerland I was reading with the ebook reader. After a while I got bored holding it in my right hand, then my left hand, then back to the right hand... The table was too low to place it comfortably, so I had to find another solution.

Good for me that airlines these days have "integrated literature consoles" in the backside of your front seat. These integrated consoles are of the "bring your own ebook reader" variety, but apart from that they work fine. How do they work?

The result is a very relaxed and healthy reading posture, due to the ergonomics of having the reader nearly at eye level and having your hands free.

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Re: Airplanes now with "integrated literature consoles"

Should I presume you are reading "20.000 λεύγες κάτω από τη θάλασσα"?!

Posted by: Παναγιώτης at June 21,2012 19:38
Re: Airplanes now with "integrated literature consoles"

Yes, indeed, I read it in French... but not continuously. I read other books and occasionally a chapter or two of "20000 lieues sous les mers" in between. The long, long descriptions are too much for me to read it in one go.

Posted by: betabug at June 22,2012 13:35
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