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01 July 2012

In the meantime...

This is what happens....

So there I was, I had picked up again writing stuff on the blog more regularly, almost back to the every 1-2 days thing. Then I flew to Switzerland, for a "sprint" with the team on one of my customer projects. It was a good sprint and overall a very good 10 days in Switzerland. But I was too busy to write much.

(A "sprint" is where a team that works usually distributed comes together for a short time to work concentrated on a project and also to catch up on face-to-face discussions.)

When I came back to Athens, the heat was on. There were some days with full summer heat. Having been in mild swiss weather, my acclimatisation was gone, so the heat hit me hard. Plus lots of work, the blogging rhythm was gone. Never mind, I'll just pick up where we left off. The heat calmed down a bit again too.

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Re: In the meantime...

I so understand the hit problem you are facing I also live in the middle east

Posted by: Diana at August 13,2012 22:58
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