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13 July 2012

tmux book at the beach

Useful Information and a horse

We went for a late afternoon swim today after work (ok, before work too, I'll soon continue a bit). While there I was reading the tmux book I had bought a weeks or so ago.

I hadn't expected too much in that book, since I'm already using tmux, have mastered the first bit of confusion, and after all, all the info is in the man page. But then, on the first 15 or so pages, I already found a bunch of interesting information and things to try out too.

For example it made me think about organizing different projects in separate sessions and more consistently name some windows.

While I was reading these things in the last half an hour before sunset, the beach was pretty much emptied. Then there arrives a guy on a horse, riding without saddle. They go straight for the water, right in the sea. At this beach, the beach falls down pretty fast, a few steps and you are in swimming depth. The horse goes in probably till it lost step, swam a bit and they came back and leave. Impressive.

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