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19 August 2012

Taking a Sunday Off

Life can't be work all the time
Me, under water, bubbles

After working a lot for a couple of weeks, I decided that enough is enough and I took today off. You might notice that today is Sunday, so I shouldn't really need to take a Sunday off. But that's how it is, I worked a couple of Sundays too (usually not full hours, but still).

So today I've been slacking. We went to the beach in the morning. It was windy, lots of waves in the water, I don't mind. Only thing I mind about wind is when it throws all the sand in your face. That didn't happen today. I went to swim twice. (The picture isn't from today, but from some weeks back.) Slacked in the sun a lot, reading.

Then we went home, had a nice lunch, and I went for some more reading and slacking. Finally I decided to write a blog post, but that can't be about work either, so all you'll learn is how I was slacking :-)

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