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06 October 2012


Hacking till the drinks are on fire

So, here I am, on the other corner of Europe. Together with graffic we flew via Madrid to La Coruna and then drove with Wu to his place in Lugo. Yesterday we started "sprinting" on our customer's pyramid app. Sprinting, what's that? It means that for some days we work really concentrated on programming this thing. It also means that for once we're working in the same room instead of cooperating over the net.

It's really great to work with these guys. Yesterday r0sk was working with us too. We got tons of things done already, despite "wasting" some hours at the start having a meeting about what to work on first. Now the sprint will continue till Tuesday and then we'll have our queimada and we'll be relaxing in the countryside of Galicia for a while.

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Re: Queimada-Sprint

This QueimadaSprint is a great idea. We should repeat it as soon as posible. Thanks for share all that knowledge and your time with me. It's a pleasure!

Posted by: r0sk at October 09,2012 16:36
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