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16 October 2012

Back from Spain

Good times, food troubles

So I'm back from Spain. We (graffic and me and the friends from Spain and Portugal) had a great time there. There was a lot of work, see previous post about the sprint. Also we had the time to see a bit of Galicia, with a landscape that quite often reminded me of the lower parts of Switzerland and a wonderful coast (that didn't remind me of Switzerland at all).

The last few days there were different though. Graffic and me choked on some bad seafood (probably, you never really know) and spent a day in bed. We both recovered in short time. Apart from some streaks of exhaustion and a picky stomach, nothing remains. We didn't let it overshadow the fun and good times we had there. Meeting our friends was the best of it all!

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Re: Back from Spain

WB! ;-)


Posted by: Volker Birk at October 18,2012 02:37
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