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04 December 2012

vi or emacs?

It might actually make sense to ask this sometimes

A few days ago we were talking with someone who we thought he would join our team (in fact he did a few days later). When all seemed to be asked and answered, half out of wittiness, I asked the "big" question: "vi or emacs?"

Turns out, that question is actually quite valid in a "hiring" situation for a programmer job. It's not that I actually care what people are using (besides, vi is so clearly better, there's no contest). But the resulting discussion gave me some insight into the "geek level" and the approach to many work process related questions of the person sitting in front of me. All in a non-threatening, easygoing topic, since come on, nobody really discusses this on a serious level.

It boils down to: The choice of tool might not define good workmanship, but the approach of how someone chose their tools sure gives some insight. You can feel how sure they are of their work, what level of expertise they have, how they approach learning new tools, and so forth. What if someone would really get on a rant when posed such a question? Well, that gives you an answer too, doesn't it?

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