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18 December 2012

Films arrived

Slackers need films too
Lots of new films arrived... coincidally at xmas

Never mind that I'm slacking at photography. Never mind that I have a huge backlog of stuff to scan. Never mind that I have even a huger (is that even a word?) backlog of pictures to post process or that I can't even call my printing backlog a "backlog" any more... I ordered some more films.

Here they are, next to the Christmas presents. Which really, really is a coincidence, since the films are not a present. Also notice how the box of films is already open, while the presents are closed. I had almost ran out of films and despite not taking many pictures right now, it was time to re-order.

Also in the box: some sweets

So here we have: Tons of the new Kodak Portra 160 in roll film 120. A few Portra 400 in roll film 120, and a few more Portra 400 in 135 (I already tried that film in 135, but due to backlog of scanning, can't really say much about it, besides that it appears quite fine grained). Then there is good old Kodak Tri-X, some beloved Fuji Acros 100 (both in 120). Then there is another experiment, some Kentmere 100 and 400 in 135. Let's see how that one turns out.

There's also a gallon-sized portion of Diafine (b+w developer). The Diafine I develop my films with is still going strong, but I want to have some around for when it stops doing its magic. Since the stuff is in powder, inside a sealed can, it won't go bad for a while.

Also in the box: A tiny, little bag of sweets. I ordered these films from Macodirect, same as I did for a few years now. They always arrive in a short time, they have good prices and the films are always fresh. Once I had a small problem with them (I ordered 4 boxes of 5x Tri-X and received 4 x 1 Tri-X), which was resolved quick and uncomplicated. So I'm a happy customer and now they even bribed me with sugary sweets!

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