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20 December 2012

Lightning, Strikes, and other small Calamities

Happens all the time

On Monday evening there were some thunderstorms here around Athens. Not far from the house a lightning must have hit some part of the electricity system, because part of the electricity went down. What's even worse, at the neighbors the lightning strike fried a TV set and an ADSL router. No Internet for now, as we share the connection with our neighbors. Lucky me, some days ago I had gotten a "mifi" device (a thing that gets a mobile Internet connection and shares it, acting as a wifi access point). It's good to have a plan B, and this one was just in time.

Today I was on the way to town, in the bus. I noticed people asking if this particular bus would go all the way to Athens center. No it wouldn't. It went to the Metro station, where I planned to take the Metro for the rest of the way. Too bad though, that the Metro is on strike today - which everybody except me must have known already. Once I figured it out, I just took the bus back. Not much lost, but some time. I'll just go another day.

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