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21 December 2012

Real Napkins for Atmosphere

Get rid of the paper stuff
Real napkins, no more paper towels

Last weekend we bought a bunch of real napkins, not made out of paper, not made to be thrown away. The basic thought was to get away from buying throwaway paper napkins, since those are ecologically a bad idea. Calculating the ecological footprint of an action is always a difficult thing (e.g. how do you handle that these might have been made on the other side of the globe and shipped over, the needed washing and all that...). Unless we eat a lot of spaghetti and sea food, I guess we can use these for a week before washing them.

But textile napkins are also something much more nice to look at on the table. They give the table a more festive appearance, even if it is just some everyday lunch (with some simple but tasty lentils in the pic). They are also much nicer to handle, to hold in your hand, and I even get inspired to put them on my legs while eating.

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