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01 January 2013

Willkommen zu 2013! Καλώς ήλθατε στο 2013! Welcome to 2013!

It's time again to re-learn typing the date

Happy New Year 2013 to everybody! It's become a tradition on this blog for me to write a post at the start of the year, outlining what's happened to the last year and the weblog. It's now been 8 full years that I'm running this weblog. For some time with a lot of spirit, the last few years on a reduced rate of activity. For my visitors this does not seem to make such a huge difference.

I've got about the same numbers in 2012 (182194 visits, 348897 pageviews) as in 2011 (183691 visits, 293212 pageviews). The slight increase in page views I chalk to the bots and spammers and not to real rising interest, given that the reported hits increased only below proportion. A page view without corresponding hits to CSS and image files means either a bot or someone using a console browser like lynx - which is rare.

The monthly levels of visitor activity stayed about the same, with the usual bump down during the summer months. It does not seem to make much of a difference if I write more (like in May or in December) or if I write almost nothing (both in September and in November I had months with only one post). Why is that? I guess because a lot of traffic goes to some posts with steady readership. Basically for some reason Google ferries people to resources I wrote, which isn't dependent on me adding any new content. The posts that tend to "pick up" in the long run tend to be fairly technical stuff, fairly long writing. Interesting enough, planning and writing long posts like that often gets me stopped to write more often on the blog. Focussing on shorter, more "daily" posts gets me more into a frequent posting spirit.

Why did I post only once in those two months? I went through a few ups and downs in respect to the sport of blogging. For some months I had picked up gusto and spirit. But then the days and weeks would just pass and I'd almost forget the weblog. I must admit in both months I got myself up to post something, partly to make sure there wouldn't pass a month without a post. I'm not any more attempting to predict if my pace will pick up or continue to slack. Every time I tried to guess at it or make plans, I changed my mind or things changed. I seem pretty determined to keep the weblog alive in some way or other though.

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