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19 January 2005

Call for a "Greek & Mac FAQ"

Working in Greek on a Mac needs many fixes yet

Setting up a professional work environment (for example for graphics professionals) on a Mac with Mac OS X in Greek is not there yet. At least not out of the box. There still is a lot of information needed. Even working with a system in English using Greek contents (fonts, text) has its problems still. I propose an FAQ on this topic.


And some applications give their users a hard time too. Examples:

My friend Spyros keeps bugging me with questions, while I keep bugging him to make the switch from 9 to X. And my friend Yorix tells me that many of the problems and questions are brought up again and again. A case for a FAQ. HelMUG - the greek Mac User Group is one of the information providers in the field of Mac OS X and Greek. But is it inpolite to make a call for a big FAQ on that topic?

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