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22 June 2005

Last Show of S1ngles

What will we be doing Tuesday evenings in Summer now?

Yesterday evening aired the last show of "Singles" (or "S1ngles" as they spell it) on MEGA channel. This is the one and only show I've been regularly watching for some time. For everything else I'm trying to avoid watching TV. "Singles" is quite funny, sometimes stupid, often witty. Thinking of it, the witty parts are what's making it worth it. The show is not deep, cultural significant or thoughtfull, despite some attacks of philosophitis. Some of the lines of the show have been translated to Singlish - English in Comics form -- on most of them the fontsize is too small, but some of them are even readable.

In the last show (of this season, at least one of my flatmates friends said there will be another run starting January), as usual lots of threads were wound to an end. Some of it was very grave, one of the protagonists died in a car accident, so I hope the show won't turn into a normal "let's talk about our problems" greek TV soap. Usually on Tuesday evenings, me, my flatmate, and sometimes his friends, would assemble to watch "Singles". Let's see what we'll do in summer...

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