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28 January 2013

Going to Work by Bike

Well, getting there
You will not find "Paralia" on a map

We're on the 12th day of public transport strikes today. During those 12 days, either the busses or the metro or both were on strike (along with tram, trolley busses etc.). So, it wasn't easy to get to my office. For two days while only the Metro was on strike, I took the bus. It wasn't so bad, since I get on at the first stop, I had a place to sit. But it was hard to get off the overstuffed bus and the traffic jam was epic. (Sidenote: I think the strike is justified, even though I would prefer if they had another means to fight for their rights.)

On Saturday I got myself a bicycle. This morning I went to my office by bike. I tried to avoid the big roads. Result: I got lost in the small streets. It wasn't that bad, since those were quiet streets with some nice old houses from time to time. I stopped a lot to check where I was on the gps. I got lost again, more stops for the gps.

On my way I also came across the spot in the picture with those three signs. I know those signs for many years and always I wanted to stop and take a picture. With the bike it was easy. If you speak Greek, please don't read on and try first to spot what's wrong with those signs. Το βρήκες; Μπράβο! For everybody else: The Greek word Παραλία can indeed roughly be transliterated as "Paralia" (it's not pronounced the way an english speaker would pronounce that), but that makes no sense. Παραλία is no place that you will find on a map, it needs a translation, it means "beach" or "coast". So the sign say: Stay on the 2nd lane if you want to pass through to the coast.

All in all, it took me a bit more time than the trip with bus and metro would have taken. My guess is that when I find a good route (and not get lost) I can make it in 45 minutes, which would be half the time from taking public transport. Well... except, tonight it will be all uphill to get back, so I will see how I will manage that part. One option is to take the Metro for a part of the way, as today the Metro works and it's ok to take a bicycle on the Metro (it used to be possible only on line 1).

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