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23 June 2005

curl on Mac OS X 10.3 "failed assertion" problem and fix

Download with --limit-rate on 10.3 fails

Had to download 12 pdf files with sizes of about 30mb each. Wanted to use curl to limit the bandwidth. But it looks like the curl shipped with Mac OS X 10.3 has a problem, giving an error message of 'poll.c:282: failed assertion `pArray != (struct pollfd *) NULL'. Solution: Searched for the error message and found that I need a new version of curl from, which has curl 7.14.0 binaries for OSX available via link.

After that I was able to do:

curl --limit-rate 100k \
--location -c cookiejar -b cookiejar \
index.php?dir=&file={4-17PRINT,6-15PRINT,8-13,OTHERNAMES,...}" \
-o "#1.pdf"
and download the files without clogging all our bandwidth. The --location -c cookiejar and -b cookiejar parameters are there because at first I suspected there to be some kind of redirect and cookie thing happening.

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