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03 May 2013

Bicycle on Ferry Boat to Naxos

It's as easy as that

When you want to go cycling on Naxos, there are basically 2 options: Either you bring your own bike, or you rent a bike. I have no experience with flying to Naxos (neither with or without bike), but I just got my bicycle to Naxos by boat. Going with the Blue Star Ferries boats, we asked what it would cost to bring the bicycle and were informed that bicycles are considered "luggage" and as such you don't pay extra for them. In fact it was as easy as that.

I just showed up with my bicycle at the entrance of the ship. I showed my ticket and after stating my destination to the "loaders" got directed to the car parking deck. I lashed my bike to some pipes (using bungee cords I brought) and locked it to another bike. My U-Lock (needed for survival in Athens) didn't fit on the pipes, so lucky me, the other bike owner went to Naxos too and offered to tie our bikes together. For the next time I'll get a cheap and long cable lock.

If you don't want to bring your own bike there is the 2nd option: You can rent one. The first choice here is Giannis from I went and had a look at his offerings. He has Hybrid bikes for easier rides, Mountain Bikes and Road bikes (Ideal OnRoad). The bikes look to be in great shape. I bought some bits and pieces I was missing, and had a nice chat. Giannis gave me some good tips where to ride and also invited me for a group ride (on a date where I unfortunately can't make it). He also has a repair shop, so even if you bring your own bicycle it's good to know him. Other motorcycle rentals sometimes have a few "mountains" for hire, but personally I'd go to the specialist.

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