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26 May 2013

Why I got myself a Cyclocross Bike

... because that's where the tarmac ends
... where the tarmac ends and the dirtroad starts

Shortly before (Greek) Easter, I got myself a new bicycle. Readers of this weblog (if there are any left) might have noticed that I am already the proud owner of a bicycle, so that makes it my second bike. It took me a long time of searching, fretting over, and deciding again and again what I wanted. In the end what I got is a low-end cyclocross bike. It's so low-end, if I'd actually show up at a cyclocross race with this thing, I'd get laughed out over the track. Never mind that I have in no way the athletic condition to stand up through a real cyclocross event.

So why did I get this thing? Well, I wanted something that is faster and lighter than what I ride in the city. I got about 4.5kg less now and leaner tires. It came with mud-tires and I replaced them with something more street-worthy, but still with a little bit of profile. I've made some kilometers on naxian asphalt roads, where the bike showed its road worthiness... but then take a look at the picture (and please excuse the poor phone camera): The tarmac ends, the dirt road starts. This is where the road racer bike stops. People ride here with mountain bikes, but with a mountain bike I wouldn't do the longer tours I'm also doing. So, something in between, which is the cyclocross machine. Fun and play on the dirt, then zipping back on the asphalt.

Another plus point for my new bike on Naxos: It came with a triple crank set. This bike climbs like a little girl up a tree. No burning calves, no sore muscles, no aching knees. Just patience and patience and enjoy the view when going up to Apeiranthos. Which doesn't mean that I don't get out of breath, because there are a lot of steep climbs on Naxos.

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