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29 May 2013

The Island Sprint

A week of programming

It's already some weeks past, but this May 12 - 22 was The Island Sprint, most of it here on Naxos. We were five guys from four countries, who had come here and worked together for one week on our project. We had some new features to build or complete and some other tasks (like testing) to do. For me, the main advantages of a sprint are:

In difference to some other sprints, we were going out for food a bit more, which resulted in a bit less time for work. Also I was quite in the habit of going for bike rides and dragged most of the others along some of the times, some of them a lot of the times.

At the end of the sprint, we had two days that we spent on tourism (seeing a bit more of the island for those new to the place) and ... more bike rides, specifically me and tralala doing a 105km ride, which took us round Apeirantho and Apollona.

One of the most outstanding events was riding home in pitch black night on an almost totally empty country road, 4 guys on bicycles, brainstorming on some work topic. That ride will remain in history.

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