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23 June 2005

zope haikus

Poetry in software or what?

23.6.2005 on #zope:
< __mac__> woodt: you are on a cut/paste action when a manage_afterAdd is
                 called after a manage_beforeDelete
< __mac__> so you have to remeber in manage_beforeDelete that there might
                 come a manage_afterAdd after that
< betabug> that just sounds so philosophical
<@TheJester> Very Zen.
< betabug> so beforeDelete
< betabug> winter may go spring again
< betabug> manage_afterAdd
< betabug> 5-7-5, season reference -> complete haiku
<@TheJester> depends if you pronounce the underscore or not d8)
< betabug> definitely not, I never do (honest, not just in zope haikus)
< betabug> but changing the first line to "think beforeDelete" would be
          an improvement, though violatiing the "spirit of the moment"
<@TheJester> call beforeDelete / remembering spring may call /
So, this sounds really nice to me:

So beforeDelete
winter may go spring again
-- betabug 23.6.2005

Or, if you like TheJester's version better:

call beforeDelete
remembering spring may call
-- TheJester 23.6.2005
Which in my oppinion floats nicer from line to line. Also makes more sense in a zopeish way.

Comments? Additions? Flames?

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