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06 July 2013

Back to work... on my tan

Ρεμάλι μ' είπες μια βραδιά...

I'm sure there are a lot of interesting places to find on this island, hidden gems of places to discover - but I'm not having any of it. I'm trying hard to get the maximum slacking I can fit into my vacations and work only on my tan. Besides, the Hora of Amorgos (where we're staying) is really beautiful, both in spirit and looks.

Yesterday evening we happened on a festival of young musicians from the Kyklades and Dodekanissa. We got a table close to the stage at the cafe where we have our breakfast, listened and watched. Some very good music.

In other news we've been to the place in the picture every day. It's the Agia Anna beach (down below the little church). Behind that rock at the top lies the famous Monastery. Those clouds you see there were moving across the sky at great speed, quite the spectacle to watch while laying on the rocks, sunbathing. I think you can see how clear and blue the water is.

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