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08 August 2013

The Cycling Summer is here

The cranks on my bicycle turn like a broken record too
Inside the fairy tale mountains of Naxos

Wow, it's been some time since I wrote a post. So, I'm back to work. Which works out fine. I'm also back to Naxos, after a brief stopover in Athens. Here I can work in a much cooler temperature and environment, and I can combine my programming work with photography walks in the evenings and... cycling. Yepp, I tend to sound like a broken record in here, but the truth is, I ride my bicycle a lot lately. At least the one bicycle I have here on the island with me.

A while back I used to ride either in the early morning or late afternoon. For now I've switched to "early morning only" - it's tougher to get up, and I get less of the "reward at the end of a work day" feeling. But then, since we're now in the main tourist season here, in the early evening the streets are full of cars. Or at least much fuller than I like. I kind of got used to having really empty streets in the last months.

Early morning is better, the tourists don't get up so early. The bad part is that if I'm delayed I run into the heat, while in the evening I'd run into the darkness. You can deal with the darkness with good lights, but the heat always has the upper hand. Still, on our Sunday rides with the local bike gang, we get pretty much into the noon hours. I'm ok with that if it doesn't happen too often it seems.

We did some really interesting rides. Not going to list them all here, but "going to Moutsouna for coffee" was certainly fun. Last Sunday's excursion to Liona and then climbing back up from there, was certainly "interesting" - it just happens to be a Category 1 climb. Tough ride, that one, I was happy when I was up. The picture is from a simpler morning ride, when I was riding through what I call the "fairy tale mountains" of Naxos (taken near Kinidaros),

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