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15 October 2013

Riding the Apollona Round with Wu

Almost 100km of cycling fun on Naxos
Between Stavros Keramotis and Apollona

This sunday I went for a big bike ride with my friend Wu. The local gang of cyclists call this ride the "round of Naxos", but since it does not go around all the island (it can't, there are no suitable round-trip roads in the south), I call it the "Apollona round". I've ridden it a couple of times. This time though, I was going to ride it with Wu. He isn't such an experienced cyclist (yet), the longest rides he had done so far was 26km on his own and 36km a few days ago with me. So this was going to be a bit of an adventure.

The track of the ride

We started out at a nice and easy pace. Soon we discovered that it was windy (and with the north wind, it was in our front), so a quick lesson in "riding on the wheel of someone" was called for. (For those not into the bike riding thing: if you "draft" - ride right behind another cyclist - you get a bit of protection from the wind, saving around 20% of your energy). As usual, after Chalki, the wind was blocked by the mountains. We took the big climb to Apeiranthos slowly, as Wu hadn't climbed something like this before. Arriving there, we called our car-driving friends where they were... they hadn't even started yet.

On we went, more climbing, and again more wind near the Stavros. Lots of wind. We made it to Skado, where we had some lemonade and a toast at the cafe.

Clouds in the mountains, going down from Koronida to Apollona

From there the plan was to take the road from Mesi, which is shorter. Instead we decided on the longer road from Koronida, since our friends would be delayed longer. This choice brought us by some really nice areas and then on the looong downhill to Apollona. "Payday!" for all the climbing. At Apollona we visited the "Kouros", when our friends called that they had arrived in the village. Down there we went.

We sat down with them for some coffee and snacks, but my club sandwich turned out to be a huge plate. Carbo-bombed, we went on to the long, long north coast road. That road seems to never end. First with a climb from sea level up to ~ 250m, then down and up and down and up and... almost endless. What you get back are spectacular views over little gulfs and coves.

Wu on the north coast road, a bit after Apollona

When we finally made it to town, we stopped for some sweets and met our friends again for lunch. A long lunch, with more carbohydrates.

Here we looked at our kilometers and decided they were almost going to add up to 100. So we decided another small detour, passing by Agia Anna. Which was a good choice since it goes up more gently and it was a wonderful ride in the evening light. This was an experience.

97.9km, 1748m of ascent, 5:25 hours riding time, 18.1km/h average speed while riding, 10:06 hours total time with all the breaks.

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Re: Riding the Apollona Round with Wu


da bist Du doch sicherlich dabei?!!!!

oder zählst Du gar zu den Veranstaltern?

Freue mich auf Deinen Bericht

Gruß Veit

Posted by: Veit aus Hamburg at October 19,2013 12:05
Re: Riding the Apollona Round with Wu

Hallo Veit, nein, ich war am MTB-Rennen nicht beteiligt. Ich war auch nicht dort, war zu dem Zeitpunkt in Athen. MTB ist auch nicht so mein Ding, zu stressig.

Posted by: betabug at November 10,2013 11:34
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