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28 December 2013

Warm Winter Weather Cycling

There you go

On the 26th, there was a spot of sunshine coming out, so time for half of Athens' sport cyclists to take their "Fred Sleds" out. I'm no exception there. Now, such days aren't so exceptional here, having sunny days with 20 degrees Celsius is quiet common in December.

As I was dressing up in my fancy cycling clothes, I made the mistake of putting on long tights, which are made for colder temperatures and rain. Even as I went out the door, I thought: "This is too warm", but didn't make the effort to go back inside to change again. As I start with a long downhill, I usually wear a rain jacket too, until I warm up when I hit the first few meters of uphill roads.

Now I reached that point very fast, off goes the rain jacket. Arriving down at the coastal road there were lots of cyclists, as expected. Now, Athenian cyclists don't like the cold. Many times I've been out with shorts (and sometimes with a short sleeve jersey) when I see them wearing long pants and jackets, gloves, even shawls over the face, not to forget thick caps under the helmet. I can't believe they are not boiling over in all that stuff - while they probably look at me as that madman who runs around in shorts in winter.

This obviously is because temperature is to some part a psychological thing, partly because probably my metabolism runs warmer and I just like to run faster on the bike if I'm feeling too cold. This time I was really uncomfortably warm. So after having passed a couple of guys, I stopped to take off at least my baselayer undershirt, giving me some relieve. As I was changing, they passed me again.

I went back on the bike to go after them, passing them on the long, easy uphill after Agia Marina. After going through the little "holes of Karamanlis" tunnels, I said hello to the one that was in front, mentioning how nice the weather was and that I was too warm. He said he had noticed, and that he himself was happy for it to be so warm and to even then be dressed warm enough, as he's more of a "κρυουλιάρης" (kryouliaris), someone who gets easily cold.

I said "that's nice" and put the hammer down, speeding away, since they were travelling at an obviously slower pace than me.

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