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01 January 2014

...and 2014 - Happy New Year! Guet's Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

Breaking of a Tradition: No Stats

On this weblog I've had it as a tradition to start the new year with a nice little post combining New Years wishes with a little overview of what happened on the blog in the last year. Well, somewhere in 2013 I broke the stats of my blog and didn't bother to fix them. I still have the access logs, but no fancy numbers to show off.

On the other hand I had to adjust the number of months displayed in the "archive" sidebar box: This weblog now being 9 years old, and the limit set to 99 months, there just wasn't enough space.

So what was happening in betabug's blog land? Not much it seems, there were 3 months, with one post each only (March, August, October), and in generally I was slacking on my writing. I guess it's going to stay that way for a while, but I'm not intending to close the weblog.

Looking through the year, some points stuck out:

As a big example of my shift in priorities, instead of writing my new years post first thing today, I went out for a two hour bike ride. In the rain and cold. Well, cold for our parts here, nothing compared to northern Europe of course. Despite having frozen toes for 1.5 hours (I gotta work on the hardware side for that part), I had tremendous fun. Thinking about this ride I still start smiling.

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