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26 June 2014

Danakos Climbing Gym

Time to get back into shape
The smaller part of the Danakos Climbing Gym

After my trip to Austria I stayed off the bike for some more, to a total of 3 weeks, since my bike was on Naxos and I was in Athens. So when I hopped on the bike again back on Naxos I felt totally out of shape. In my experience, after an intense training period, taking one week off the bike is great, after two weeks I feel totally relaxed, but three weeks was too much. Something else that might have played part was that it has become summer for real now, and the heat doesn't make things easier.

So I had to devise a plan to get back in shape. The first part was easy to decide on: I had to build back the "base", which means to just put in the hours in the saddle, without trying to go too hard. This took a lot of patience, as I felt like things didn't improve at all, nothing moved. Patience was the keyword though, it just took time, to go out again and again.

I'm still not at the level that I was before, so I'm slowly starting into the next phase, to actually start to train again. Last year, what brought me the most progress were "hill climbing repeats", or as I named them "climbing gym" rides. Going up a tough climbing section three times in a row. I did that in Athens on the Kremastos Lagos climb.

Here on Naxos I found another candidate, the Danakos Climbing Gym. There is a small road that turns off from the road to Apeirantho, goes up steep for some hairpin turns (0.8km at average 7%, the one shown in the photo), then down to the village of Danakos. There I turn and head back up, for about 1.8km at an average of 8%. There are many sections of more than 10%, which is what makes this thing interesting. Another good aspect is that in the late afternoon the road is in the shade of the mountain, so less heat.

The point is that I have to go out of my comfort zone to go up here. I've done it once, going all out. Yesterday evening I went again, doing two runs, limiting myself to a Zone 4 effort. I did feel my legs afterwards, but I also felt good from the effort. My goal is to go and do three runs in a line.

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