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08 July 2014

Backyard Adventure

Puncture No. 4 and a snapped gear cable

I did not have any plans for a ride this evening, but there was a forgotten item at our lunch table in town today, so I "offered" to go to town to get it. Immediately I noticed I need to take it easy, as my legs were still stiff from the Sunday ride. When I was in the flatter part before Glinado, I felt a squishiness from my rear tire. I stopped to have a look and indeed... another puncture (I think number 4 now within 10 days). Walked a few steps to a spot with concrete on the side of the road and fixed it. Again the puncture was in the same spot, on the inside of the wheel.

In town I went straight to Giannis and we decided to pull out both wheels and replace the rim tape (a line of tape that protects the tube from the spoke ends inside the wheel.

This took us some time, because we had 2 tubes explode in our faces. Our ears were ringing. I'm not sure those tubes he had ordered are ok, they appear to be too long.

In the end I picked up the missing item and headed back home. Leaving the shop, I forgot my water bottle there. Not so important, it was night and not so hot. At the long stretch just before reaching home, I hit the switch to shift gears on the rear, heard a "twang" and the gear lever went into "empty space". The gear cable had snapped again. (This has happened to me in winter in Athens, so I have a suspicion the replacement wasn't mounted quite right. The mechanic there didn't appear to be very sure of what he was doing himself.)

I took the last kilometer or so in the low gear, standing quite a bit. I was laughing all the way though. Other people pay lots of money to go to far away countries to have adventures, I have them right here in our backyard!

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