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28 February 2015

A Month of Recovery

It will still take time, but getting there
A month of recovery with physio exercises, walking, and indoor cycling

After I broke my leg in January, there was a time when I was just glad to rest. The thought of going cycling was far off. Before the surgery they had told me "the next day after surgery you can walk". That was indeed true, but not in the way you'd expect from such a sentence. In fact the physiotherapists passed by my hospital bed and with their instructions I managed to do two steps with crutches and back to my bed. They also gave me some exercises to do with the leg. The next day I managed to do 20 steps and I've ever increased since then. The last month I've been on a physio training program.

Lots of exercises. Lots of walking with the crutches, putting a bit of weight on the hurt leg, increasing that weight ever so slightly. Now I'm still walking with crutches, but it goes much better and I'm already feeling stronger. But there is still a long way to go and I'll need a lot of patience yet before I can walk normally.

A "turbo trainer" setup

I also got myself a "turbo trainer", which is a contraption that you insert your bicycle into, and then you have a static training bike. After the physiotherapist said that I could try carefully to start with this, I gave it a try a few days ago. It was a test just to get on the bike initially. It did felt safe to sit on it though, nothing moves at all. I'm also pedalling very soft.

It feels good to be on the bike, and it feels good to have an exercise that gets the heart pumping a little bit. I'm of course very careful with it. After a bike "ride", I feel less discomfort compared to what I get after a long walk. So I think it will help me get the muscles to become stronger again, while also beating the boredom of my current, unfortunately forced couch-existence a bit.

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