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26 April 2015

No more Captain Ahab

Getting rid of the crutches

So, starting on last Thursday (2 days ago now), I got rid of the crutches. Actually, 3 weeks ago already, the doctor had instructed me to jettison the one crutch, and walk only with one, opposite from the weak leg. That was already an improvement, as I had one hand free: At least now I could carry a glass of water to the table!

Now without crutches, life is sooo much nicer. No more walking with tack-tack-tack sounds. Those sounds had prompted me to call myself "Captain Ahab". I still walk pretty weird, the body tries to shift the weight to the other leg. I'm practicing walking straight up and not swerving wildly all the time. Each time I get up from sitting and notice that I don't have to fetch around for the crutches, I sigh a breath of relief. This is so nice.

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