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27 April 2015

What I've missed in cycling these months

Can't have it all
Actually here it wasn't so bad, this is autumn, with just a few clouds

There is something about cycling that I missed those last 3 months. I'm not prone to complain in this "broken leg" story. Things are going fine and they could have been a lot worse in all this. Since the broken leg is from a fall in cycling, the first few days I was very reluctant to even think about cycling again. Then it slowly came back, and I contemplated cycling again, taking it easy, no stress. I have nothing to win, and nothing to hurry. I started doing indoor trainer rides, which I'm enjoying a lot. I'll be probably out there on the roads again in two more months. I will indeed take it slowly, especially going downhill.

"Para el que quiera condiciones meteorológicas perfectas ya existe el ciclismo en pista"

—Juan Antonio Flecha

As Juan Antonio Flecha puts it, for those who want perfect meterological conditions, there is track cycling. For me, when I think about it now, there is one thing I actually miss from this winter/spring without cycling: I really enjoy being out there in "not so nice" weather. When it's grey and cold and drizzling. When the wind is freezing a bit as it gets dark out there. When there are large clouds over the mountains, and you're heading just that way.

Hubris, I know, since evening fog in the mountains is just the thing that brought me down. Also since I would be the first to complain if I had to cycle all year long in those conditions. But here in Greece, I'll miss those short few months of having had the pleasure to show off what a hard man I can be.

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